Screen Printing

 Spot/dash color with extra big size, 2 x 8m, 8 different colors.
 Perfect dye penetration.
 Color fixing and washing process makes flag more bright, long lasting under any climate.
 Knitted 100% polyester 110g, 120g, 150g, etc
 Woven 100% polyester 70g, 80g, etc

What is screen printing?
Printing screen will be made according to the image which is going to be printed. The screen is consists of thousands of micro holes. Printed parts will be left blank, and unprinted parts will be sealed with special glue. When the printing screen was put on the white fabric, dye will be scraped and go through the micro hole, then the white fabric will be printed.

When to choose silk screen printing?
Big quantity, with lower price but nice quality. Especially for flags, banners, as well as beachflag, bowhead flag, flying banner, teardrop banner, sail flag, blade flag, bali flag.
What is the advantage of screen printing?
Prices advantage when it comes to a bigger quantity.
Bright color, great outdoor color fastness, good choice for most weather conditions.

Digital Ink Injecting Printing

 Digital direct injecting printing machines are equiped. Maximum width 3.2m.

 Color fixing and washing process after digital printing, colors more bright, fastening, long lasting.

 Knitted 100% polyester 115g, 120g, 160g, etc

 Woven 100% polyester 70g, 80g, etc


What is digital ink inject printing?

Printers which are euquiped with sublimation printing ink, print the graphic directly to the white fabric which was coated by special chemical.


When to choose digital ink injecting printing? 
Big to small quantity, with economical price but good quality. Especially for flags & banners, as well feather flags.


What is the advantage of digital ink injecting printing?

No MOQ limited. Order can be started from 1 piece. Quick production, which means prompt delivery.





Heat Transfer Printing

  Heat transfer printing machines. Maximum width 3.2m.

 Extremely bright color, good choice for one side printing.

 Knitted 100% polyester 110g, 120g, 160g, 240g, woven polyester 70g, 160g. Satin 160g, 200g. Stretch fabirc, 260 g.


What is heat transfer printing?

Heat transfer printing, named as dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation printing is a printing method, printer which is equipped with sublimation ink, print the prints on sublimation paper first, mirror image. Then put the printed paper and pale fabric together. Heat the paper and in the mean time, ensure the paper and fabric are tightly contacted. After hearing, the image will be transfered to the fabric. Then you get the fabric printed with vivid image.


When to choose heat transfer printing?
Small or big quantity, reasonable price but excellent quality. Especially for roll up prints, tradeshow displays prints, double sided feather flags, SEG graphics, tension fabric displays. 


What is the advantage of heat trasfer printing?

Super bright and vivid image presentation. Almost all fabrics can be heat transfer printed.

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